Making of Granite Memorial Headstones for Graves

Granite Memorial Headstones are known by various names, i.e. Gravestones, Grave Markers, Memorial stones and tombstones, etc. Headstones were initially made from fieldstones or pieces of wood. In some place, stones were positioned over the body to prevent scavenging animals from shallow grave.

Granite Headstones seen in cemeteries are made by natural granite. After cooling, granite rock formations were shaped all over the world where many quarries are now recognized.

Date back 20,000-75,000 years Archeologists founded Neanderthal grave. Bodies have been exposed in caves with large rock piles covering the openings. It’s consideration that these graves were accidental. The dying had almost certainly gone behind to recover, and the rocks were pressed for safeguard from wild animals.

Raw Materials

In the early hours Headstones for Graves were made out of slate. Next to the slate, marble become most popular. In 1850, granite becomes the chosen headstone material for grave due to its toughness and accessibility. In present date Granite is the core raw material used for Memorial Headstones.


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