5 Steps to Install Granite Memorial Flower Vases on the Headstones

Quality doesn't come easily. With years of experience, we can create the best memorial monuments for the loved ones in the cemetery. Sunshine granite memorial limited is a leading granite headstone manufacturer and supplier in Ireland shares how to install granite memorial flower vases on the headstones.

Here are the 5 steps to install flower vases on the headstones.

Step 1: Cleaning the Surface of granite headstone

The very first thing to do is spot the position of the flower vases where to sit. Using chemical free cleaner, clean the area without any residue. After the preliminary cleaning, with the help of your hand check out the surface area where flower vases are going to place. If you feel the surface is not like smooth or slight roughness, this may be due to mineral deposits from excessive watering.

It is an essential one to remove the rubbish portion as you want the adhesive to stick to the actual granite. Once you have finished, clean with chemical free cleaner again, then make the last rinse with water.


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